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Perhaps I should consider a new life path.

Perhaps I should consider a new life path.

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meca blog: zines continued

As an extension of my last blog entry, I wanted to show some of my favorite zines that other students created from my Micropublishing class.

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meca blog updated

The sophomore year lab course that I’m taking is Micropublishing. The aim of this course is to bring in a variety of methods and materials to design, produce, print, and distribute content.. may it be a magazine, zine, book, et cetera.

Our current project was to design an one of a kind zine (fast made small magazine) based on a topic of our choice. We first started the project through mind mapping: create a map of whatever comes to your mind, draw connections, and find inspiration from your life…

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As the zine project ends in micropublishing, we are finally getting around to using our mindmapping project to create a book.

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In 2D animation class, we’re starting a new section on shadow puppets and it’s definitely getting me even more excited for Halloween.

Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppets by Michael Gagne: here.

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mind-mapping for micropublishing

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SPACE Gallery in Portland is a non-profit contemporary art space that houses live music, visual arts, films, and so much more. Every year, they host an event called the BLOCK Party which spans down Congress Street. The past BLOCK Party was held this past Saturday.

Greta Banks and other artists re-created the battle of Godzilla and Mothra for a stop-motion film on an excellent mini-set of Portland.

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As time continues into the second week of school…

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Just published my first official blogging post for MECA! Check it out here.

Just published my first official blogging post for MECA! Check it out here.

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